Oct 26, 2013

''Unani nangdi hae Meeoiba''

Ngak eh da ko nangse hae meeoiba,
Pak chaoraba sansar sibu mumhanba
ngambani hae iswor ni nangdi meeoiba.
Prakati ima gi khutsem bu natheibiraga, taibang khutsemgi arang arak ta,
tauri meeoiba nangdi.
Taibang hauna lonchat tamlingai,
humdokpikhre ngasidi lamjing meira chubiramba mahakto mapu mana.
Luraba laijaga pangkhakni purel nangdi, kaidongfam khangdraba chekla amagumna pairare ngasidi mumlaba taibang pansida.
Ngak eh da ko nangse hae meeoiba!
Seithajakhi mapu gi khuya da kayarak hanna
Kelhanbiraro una amagumna!!
Tabirare yawa mapu na
Una mana kelaklabada kallaba safuga loinana paitharakle leimai tamna.
Unani nangdi hae meeoiba.
Ngak eh da ko nangse hae meeoiba!!

Nov 28, 2012

Self Motivating is always been an Perfect Medicine for me When I am so dull !!

Self Motivating is always been an perfect medicine for me while instead of doing rough things in  my days.
This days I always trying to figure out something but I couldn't do it. Becoming dull to calculate the Equations  which can bring up what I wanna be suppose too. No matter how much it's cost I dropped for few days to clean up my mind and I start travelling across the Nilgiris Mountain which is located in Southern part of India. And it makes me a perfect day, a wonderful and amazing day. Beside as a hobby I love Photography and Posing and Editing too.....so I started posing in front of cam

Edited Photo in a Dulled Time Work

Some People says my face look like Girly hahahaha

See, 'look so dull' my Mommy told me

Editing as a time pass.....I think Its look like  girly hahahahaha

And Love to freak out something different from others, A perfect Day

Showing up how Karate really worths for me

I can really fly on the wall


I Love it I really Love it...I Love to do break dance

C'mon Let's move I getting bored

Oct 10, 2012

Jul 12, 2012


Human the Moving Star

     We are so-called Human Being among those entire living organism in the world. We human named the entire living organism so that we can know them easily when we approach towards them. Even the name Human was named by the great ancestors of us. We know all the living being was come from a little enzyme then of earth’s formation. Human being has been known for its most sensitivity from those entire living creatures. Being a most sensitive part of us, so far we discovered thousands and millions of substances which is a part of our life till now. From our great ancestors and resource person we came to know, we human being has the fastest moving and growing race among the entire race of living being.    

    The Human entire race has become so effective till now and it’s also gone beyond the limit. Some great forefathers mentioned “never go beyond the limits”. The human never think of these words, there lays a truly meaningful advice underneath of the words. We explored our world more than limits and so far we know as we human landed on other Planets. Example: NASA has already made a planned to explore the Europa Planet a Jupiter sixth closest moon which we expected there will be living creatures. These things are going up for the reputation of Human’s Race. But on the other side of our race and inside there is always intent to reveal something causing demolition. Human doesn’t know from where our race was begun. No Human can say exactly but only supposition’s work. Every Human has own destination for their livelihood. Accordingly, Human had explored the world through different ways to reach their destiny. But never reveal the thought of preserving own world. Now shall we ask where the human sensitivity lies? Is the part of function got fungus?  

    We human can end up our entire race through different ways. Do you know from where the ending up process comes? Jealousy is one of the most vulnerable things that we (human) possess. Everything goes deeper beyond Jealousy.

    By the time, Ecological balance was under a systematical circular form of asset. Comparing to early world, Human need to stop exploring own world. The affective results have shown towards the human by devastating the movement. This is a symbol of crossing the limit by Human and there is no any misfortune for devastation. If we (human) move further then we are heading towards the formation of star.