Nov 28, 2012

Self Motivating is always been an Perfect Medicine for me When I am so dull !!

Self Motivating is always been an perfect medicine for me while instead of doing rough things in  my days.
This days I always trying to figure out something but I couldn't do it. Becoming dull to calculate the Equations  which can bring up what I wanna be suppose too. No matter how much it's cost I dropped for few days to clean up my mind and I start travelling across the Nilgiris Mountain which is located in Southern part of India. And it makes me a perfect day, a wonderful and amazing day. Beside as a hobby I love Photography and Posing and Editing I started posing in front of cam

Edited Photo in a Dulled Time Work

Some People says my face look like Girly hahahaha

See, 'look so dull' my Mommy told me

Editing as a time pass.....I think Its look like  girly hahahahaha

And Love to freak out something different from others, A perfect Day

Showing up how Karate really worths for me

I can really fly on the wall


I Love it I really Love it...I Love to do break dance

C'mon Let's move I getting bored