Apr 18, 2011


In the olden days of Manipur, people live like immortal with no resistance from any circumstances. But in this new generation they are incompatible in economy, peace, harmony. Manipur the ‘land of jewels’ is going through a conflagration in its history. Manipuri(Tibeto-Burma peoples) have their rich fortune, but somehow from the last 2nd 3rd decades they are declining into several sectors due to unstably of economy.

“Corruption has become an mass public concern in Manipur today”. The history of Manipur’s political leadership has been largely defined by the phenomenon of Corruption. Corruption today has come to be generally treated more as a service perk than moral erosion. Bribe givers and bribe takers stand the same moral platform.

The situation in Manipur is worse than what we imagine. The mastermind players ;
 political rulers, social workers, bureaucrats and informers who have no moral qualms but moral turpitude have created cesspool for public depriving all facilities and intended purposes. Thereby their greed and self centred nature caused strikes, bandhs, blockades, economic blockades. As such, Manipur today has become the most corrupted state and at a lowest ebb in all respects in the Northeast state of INDIA. The rulers striding high in sleek cars and impressive entourage do not lift a single straw by their fingers but always seek a seat of honour in front of the people to show his/their public stolen power(property). There is complete moral bankruptcy in Manipur. For many decades the issue of corruption in high places have haunted the State of Manipur. Whoever was found corrupted in many respects was never impeached or punished. He walked away like a clean man with moral victory as if he has done no wrongs. In Manipur corrupt cannot be brought to book because the party and its government or so and so shielded him and provided the shelter to flourish. As such, moral bankruptcy is a normal way of Manipur politics and a form of democracy….. What is the meaning of democracy for what they are serving for peoples? Why are the corrupt and wicked mighty in power? Is it to get wealth or terrorize people? Are the false promises meant for robbing public treasure? The very root cause and the beginning of all illnesses started from the inner rooms / chamber of powers that be. Example; a few months ago a Minister’s son killed a innocent boy for no reason…this crisis was rock up to European parliament. The ruler used conscience money as a debt of honour. Is it the real democracy what we expected from the Government today in Manipur? Peoples are suffocating through air, peoples are dying, peoples are living with no hope. “Now we need to ask what has been the value of the money we are spending every year on the continuation of government in terms of its performance. Well, it is zero; there is no order and no trust in any sector relating to government functioning. We have the schools not functioning, colleges not performing, departments only in name. There is no worth of “youth is the pillar of nation” in Manipur.

The result of harassment through Corruption;
v  Unstably of economic condition
v  Unable to adapt-poor classes family in society
v   De colorization of culture
v  Dying and dysfunctional Government schools and colleges
v  Transforming the private institutional into industry sector
v  Large population of unemployed youth
v  People fleet away into many places
v  Downsizing of govt. employee
v  Dusty road-NH 39 & NH 53 in worst condition-lifeline of Manipur
v  Recruitment of indiscipline employee
v  Recruitment of indiscipline state police force
v  Renown  peoples works for other
v  Increasing the number of UG
Economic Blockades 
Protest against the transforming of education in to industry
Source of power cut off

Is it possible to say that this is candle light education or fire burning education