Nov 25, 2011

Overwhelming Financial and Archaism status at the core of state Manipur

  Manipur - A birth place of Different culture, where there the people have great compassion. For a time they lived in harmony. The people were not known from where the conflict was begun but the compassion of their great humanity brings them down. The conflicts that ravage and plundered the state had been never settled back again. This is how the people consume their life till death.
       People are easy to define for what they have done in so many past years. Likewise the Manipuris were so described by their well known historic archaism and their rich heritage. In this scientific era of today’s world, Manipuris never let it go the historic ideology of Mankind but goes deeper beyond their aptitude. But in the history of 21st Century of Manipur, people are anxious to build up their wealth by grand thief manner. Even having witnessed a turbulent past in its history, it had been subjected to maximum suffering at various point of time. The people are so crazy in hunting of their financial arisen. So far it’s true that people have no mercy for others while they are digging of their own benefit. Now shall we ask what has been the value of money? Well it is zero.
      Now let’s go to the determination of government policies under Democratic system in Manipur! What it would say? What the people expected today? Did we ever decide before we cast the vote? I should say no. Democracy, we need to ask “what is the meaning of Democracy”..? Is it the state Government belongs to the finest democracy in the world? A people’s rebellion dawn because of these apprehensive democratic policies. “Is it possible to say; this democracy will be the root causes of wealth terrorized”..? The people will cast the vote and do support by yes. Even by knowing that the government still continue robbing the public treasurer. Amazing-Bravo politics, for doing such things that doesn’t happen in some other states or country, but it doesn’t sound good. Apart from the policies of robbing the public treasurer, the Manipuris cross the limit of poverty line which was never expected before. When it people came across, the higher government who hold higher post were gone so deep in hunting of their wealth (money). Politicians, Doctors, Engineers, Business man, Aristocrat, Contractor are all in the realm of money, they thought money is their only God. Then who will be the god for us common people? Can u say? From time to time, year to years, decade to decades, changing the life of a people from worst to worst. This insanity of a great person makes no survival for the poor classes’ family. The land which we called “The Jewel of India” will become “The Money Poor Land” named after the great insanity of great person. This’ll remain silent in the history of mankind. There is utterly chaos amongst the people who do survive for their job; they must need to spend at least few lakhs. They owe their life by giving bribe to government, in such a manner they together bind by the new strategic policies. The financial condition of the state as well as the economic condition of a common people were extremely worst and remained far below expectation and sometimes thousands of employees went without salaries for months together. This is we can called New Policy of Democratic Government of Manipur. From the thousands of employees no one has even came out to blame, why so people? Manipur has undergone tremendous hardships in the past one or two decades, people can’t openly criticize misfeasance, wrongdoing, misdeed of anyone having gun in his or her hand. For a time one couldn’t express his or her opinion freely on some issues. Those who had rises their voiced against them or expressed their views were maimed or killed. So many precious lives have lost. But in case of underground actions including extortion from the public in the name of road tax, vehicle tax, house, or donation/contribution to the party annoyed many people but hardly anyone was ready to give opinion on this issue openly. Why it is so happen? Should our government let us to rob properties openly? Aren’t we getting the freedom of expression?