Jun 3, 2012

Behind the Scene of Foggy Day at Imphal- Part 1


A Foggy day at Imphal-Scene 1

      Wondering why I wasn’t seen such a lovely beautiful weather before. The climate I imagine was totally different from my vision. Thought I was how much time taken to make changes in dissolving a cloud onto dust. The day I went out was early morning around 5.45 am to take a look of different scenario of Manipur. Hooray, I do love enjoying good or bad with some kinda limitation. That’s I kept secretly as a debt of honor of my own life. After imagining a short period I was thinking and questioning myself,’ what things make changes to people? I was confused to take a right answer but after a moment, hopefully there will be another survivor lead to change such things, I mentioned to my shadow.
      Moving after 2-3 km from my house I saw many people walking at roadside, some of them playing football, some of ’em sitting with newspaper. Among those people I saw a man with mobile; he was trying to keep damage his mobile on the road with anger.
 “What a thoughtless person”, I whispered as I drive my vehicle.
 After moving for few metres I step out and went into a mobile recharging shop to recharge my mobile balance at the very first morning. ‘Who knows I am wasting money with recharging mobile balance and on other side some people don’t have enough money to buy even a mobile phone, suddenly approached in my mind.’ And I murmured myself ‘stop imagining and thinking of those nasty ideas.

 I move out from the shop as soon I got the recharge.

 I stand in front of the shop and calling my own sister to ask what she wants to have in morning breakfast.

 The phone rang and she pickup!

‘Hello, tamo(brother) dull voice, she said.’

 I asked,’ didn’t you wake up still now.

‘No’ replied with deep dull sound.

‘Ok, get up soon before I reach in there. Just say what you want to have in morning breakfast? I said.’

‘Tamo anything you want and come fast I will be ready with tea, she said.’

‘Ok then’, I said and hangs up my phone.

‘Hello’ I heard from my back. I turn back and I was surprised and frightened.

      An old friend of mine, who haven’t met for 6 years since we got finished our high school life. He was   
totally changed according to my view. His name is ‘Robert’ but I do name him ‘Boto’ when we were  together in high school life, at same time he called me ‘Pin’. The days we enjoyed together was a memorable days in our life of High School. He lives in Jiribam 224 km far from Imphal city. He felt so excited when he got me around the market and sometimes he looks so nervous, when I see. 

  Wearing shabby dresses with one torn cap wasn’t a good move in cool winter. A man without shoes with tight shabby dresses and blood cover worn out arm was an only friend of mine.

‘I was about to cry when I saw you at first, Robert said.’

He continues with deep emotion;

To be Continue........@@@@ 

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