Jul 7, 2012

Insist Me or Resist Me

When I was an alphabet of yours book,
How lovely you are;
 Creating my world of sentences,
With yours everlasting words!
But I was never letting you to mismated.
Insist me or Resist me!
But the passion you planted,
In the middle of my heart;
Can never be dissolved!
Insist me or Resist me.
The devotion you taught me,
Through annoyingly;
Can never be ripped away
Until I left my last breath!
Insist me or Resist me!
How much I took care of you,
There is no limit to imagine;
That turns you into willies!
Insist me or Resist me!
Why am I so deceived?
Am I not the one to be alphabets?
Of yours book!
Insist me or Resist me!