Jul 7, 2012

My Quotes

1. Believing in the Power of Knowledge leads you to your Destiny.
2. If you don’t deserved the “truth”, You are a “Guilty! If you don’t deserved the “Guiltiness”, then you are not to be “Worthy”
3. Different Ideology of a People brings the better and quality Living Standard.
4. Life is a ” Quest”, My fate doesn’t belongs to god, Its belongs to me and only, No one can write my fate I only can write and rewrite my  fate.
5. Born and Death are the same identical form of substances which gives a time duration called “Life”.
6. If you possess then “say yes”.
7. Never try your malicious nature to someone, it will be yours worst path of life.
8. “Life” is a time duration from Birth to Death which is composed of  Joy, Happiness and Sadness.
9. “Not so hard to become something but hard to handle something to become”.