Jul 10, 2012

Tips to Take Over the Anger and Propensity of Mind

First I would like to say something to you all. As I am not a Doctor, Dietician, neither Pharmacist nor consultant. I am simply a student who can control and hold such situation. Why I am saying these, because I want to help out those people who can’t control their temper and mind as their habitual.
At the first moment
1.What we need is to know the right choices of mine: – As you know most people wired about his or her mental solution. Sometimes after mental breakdown some peoples goes high propensity, these can cause a person into lot of suffer, if else the person can even take a high risky things. So, we should try to point out each and every needs of the particular person even we don’t have much to give up or fulfill for that.
Second moment
2. Depth Breathing: – Once we got anger, if the temper is too high we even don’t know what is going to be happening at next moment. These thing should not be let it happen easily. So, please take a deep breath through your nose; it helps in losing the temper as well as anger by stabilizing the Heart beat and Brain functioning at once. It is so called multifunction.
Third moment
3. Thinking fast as much as you can: – Some people will say how we can think when we are in short temper; it’s very easy to do. Before that you should know your brain is Mainframe and your imagination is your Computer. With the help of that you need to work out the effective result of getting anger. Beside that you should think “If I done something wrong or illegal or damaging; who will be responsible for that; who will be the looser forever” and get your reply soon as “me”.
Four moments
4. Customized yourself: – In this moment you have to seize over your body through (third moment). So finally you need to act like a movie in your mind. i.e.
• Take a deep breath
• Say these words “Calm/Cool down (your name)” like ‘cool down john’ with your two hands.
• The words must say twice at once
• And take a deep breath and repeat the same words. From this moment your intense pressure and temper will lose slowly.
So the items shown below which boost the anger should take less or reduce amount from before consumption: -
• Chilly – Which is one of the most effective in increasing of temper and heart beat.
• Salt – the most boosting of anger after chilly which increases blood pressure.
• Oil – the more consumption of oil will lead to form cholesterol which increases the blood pressure and heart beat.